Decision Making in Teens Decision Making in Teens




A: BrainWise is for everyone who wants to make better decisions. BrainWise is an education program developed to teach critical thinking and decision making skills that enable individuals to replace impulsive and emotional reactions with problem solving behaviors. Children, youth, and even adults need critical thinking skills to make better choices and responsible decisions. When they have these skills, they have fewer problems; they understand other people's points of view; and they stop and think before they act. Without them, children and youth have no impulse control and lack the fundamental social skills to function easily with their peers.

A cross-cultural and universal program, BrainWise is taught to a wide range of people, including Spanish speaking children and parents in Denver, illiterate girls in rural China who are targets of sex traffickers, and Alaska Natives living in isolated tribal villages. It is applicable to people of all educational and socioeconomic levels, including severely developmentally disabled youth, Child Welfare families, college engineering students, students in private schools and public schools, future leaders, Girl Scouts, teen parents and others. The program is used by educators, parents, grandparents, caregivers, counselors, visiting nurses, social workers and anyone who wants to learn critical thinking and decision making skills and how to teach them to others.

To read about individual BrainWise success stories and testimonials and to see actual "before and after" drawings by students click on the "Success Stories" button on the top left side of this page.

Decision Making in Teens




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Decision Making in Teens

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