Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Teens Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Teens




A: Yes. BrainWise provides a universal framework to teach thinking concepts and offers different scenarios and problem examples to fit various ages and groups. While BrainWise presents complex information about the brain, the program uses concepts and words that are easy to understand and can be applied to other materials. The BrainWise approach uses classroom applications and everyday activities that allow teachers and students to use the 10 Wise Ways to analyze stories, movies, videos, popular TV shows, advertising, and current events. The 10 Wise Ways are often incorporated into other programs, such as “Be BrainWise with Money,” which applies BrainWise thinking skills to money management, or as the 10 Wise Ways of Leadership, offered by Rotary International at its Young RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Training Awards) camp for teens. Public Health Nurses in Jefferson County, Colorado use BrainWise as their primary intervention with clients to teach them thinking skills that help them solve problems and function adaptively in family, school, work and community contexts. Integrating BrainWise into other teaching materials and programs allows for development of age appropriate critical thinking skills that can be used and reinforced in a variety of different situations. For more examples of how BrainWise is used with other programs, click on the "BrainWise & Your Program" button on the left.




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Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Teens


Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Teens

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