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A: Testimonials from scores of individuals all attest to the effectiveness of BrainWise and the enthusiasm people have once they see how it actually works and letters have come from many individuals in support of the BrainWise Program:

Senator Ken Salazar -- Senator Salazar became familiar with the BrainWise Program as Colorado's Attorney General and Horace Mann BrainWise students visited the state capitol and demonstrated how they used their thinking skills.

Congresswoman Dianna DeGette -- Congresswoman DeGette's mother was a DPS kindergarten teacher and the Congresswoman has been supportive and interested in the BrainWise program.

José Esquibel, Director, Interagency Prevention Systems, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Richard Hatwick, Ph.D., North America Area Coordinator Rotary International Literacy Task Force

Robert Woodson, Instructional Superintendent Denver Public Schools

David Olds, Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Preventive Medicine, and Nursing Director, Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health, University of Colorado. Dr. Olds is the developer of the highly acclaimed Nurse Family Partnership Program.

In addition, analysis of hundreds of statements made by BrainWise Program graduates identified several themes: BrainWise helped them make better choices; BrainWise made them happier; BrainWise changed their thinking from negative to positive; BrainWise saved them from committing suicide; BrainWise helped them become responsible for their actions; and that everyone needs to learn BrainWise.

For more comments from teachers, parents, and students, and to view actual "before and after" drawings by students, click on the "Success Stories" button on the top left side of this page.

Critical Thinking and Brain Research




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Critical Thinking and Brain Research

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