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A: Through the referrals of teachers, mentors, and counselors who understand its impact and are committed to the program, BrainWise has grown from nine instructors in 1995 to more than 2,000 throughout the United States, Canada, and China.

BrainWise is used by kindergarten teachers and college professors, by educators who work with severely developmentally disabled youth, as well as teachers of gifted and talented. It is used by nurses working for home visitation programs and by counselors with drug and alcohol treatment programs. Girl Scouts and soccer moms, teens on probation and jailed moms, and never married, divorced and separated fathers and peer educators are helped by the skills taught in the BrainWise Program.

It is taught at all levels in public schools and private schools, in court-ordered treatment programs and after school community programs, in church organized parent groups and private businesses. Workforce applications include increasing job retention, worker productivity and workplace safety. BrainWise can be adapted to supplement any standard curricula with problem situations customized to special groups.

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If you would like to develop a customized program to fit your particular situation, please contact us at 303-837-0229 or email us at with your request.

Thinking Skills for Teenagers




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Thinking Skills for Teenagers

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