Decision Making in Children Decision Making in Children



BrainWise for Youth and Adults

“BrainWise is an impressive program that helps students develop their emotional self-awareness, which is a cornerstone of healthy human development. All of us -- students and adults alike -- could certainly benefit from the skills nurtured in BrainWise.”

David Fulton, Ph.D., Former Education Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

BrainWise for Grades 6-12

A Guide to Building Thinking Skills in Young People

Decision Making in ChildrenBrainWise for Grades 6-12 contains over 300 pages of material that include scripted lesson plans, group teaching activities, reproducible student worksheets, and a review guide.

The "Live It!" section provides the instructor with checklists, games, skill sheets, and a "problem solving" worksheet to help the student analyze personal problems of everyday life.


Price: $150.00

BrainWise Posters

Decision Making in ChildrenSet of 12 (11" x 17").
This set of laminated posters feature colorful graphics that are used for teaching the 10 Wise Ways. These are wonderful learning aids that can be displayed in a classroom or group setting as a constant tool to teach and reinforce the highlighted thinking skills.




Set of 12

Price: $60.00

BrainWise Grades 6-12 and Poster Set

Decision Making in Children










Order a poster set with a curriculum
and receive a $20.00 discount!.

Price: $190.00



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*Because it is a non-profit organization, revenue generated from the sale of BrainWise products is used to subsidize program costs at inner city schools, and help pay for the agency's operating expenses. The agency estimates that 90 % of its revenue is spent on the development, production, implementation, and evaluation of the BrainWise program!

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