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"What has impressed me the most about BrainWise is the vocabulary the children have developed and the way they have internalized this vocabulary to help them stop and think about their actions and talk about their feelings. This program helps children refocus their behavior, think about what they should have been doing and process that."

– Janis Spearman, Principal, University Park Elementary School

"We are all very excited about using BrainWise with our families. We will do our best to promote your program because it is so awesome!"

– Cindy Bradwick, R.N., Nurse Family Partnership

"In my twenty-three years of teaching, I have tried and developed many approaches to help decrease my students' inappropriate behaviors. BrainWise has given me a gift. My students' behaviors have significantly changed. They now have tools to problem solve and are capable of using critical thinking skills."

– Tracy Dodd, award winning teacher of emotionally disabled students

"BrainWise has been a very important part of the Council for the last ten years. Our clients have grabbed hold of the "10 Wise Ways" and love learning to use their wizard brains to stop and think."

– Flavia Lewis, Director, Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

"I have been teaching BrainWise for over seven years to young fathers. It is an excellent curriculum that helps them become formulate critical thinking skills that affect the well-being of the entire family. These are good fathers who'll commit to a life-long, meaningful relationship with their families."

– Matt Sena, Fatherhood Program Manager, Alaska Natives Fathers Matter

"For the past nine years, I have been teaching BrainWise in my classroom. It is the best program I have ever used in I my twenty-seven years of teaching."

– Wendy Cameron, award-winning kindergarten teacher

"BrainWise has many applications. At first, I was afraid Chinese people would not understand a program that was developed in the United States, but have found that we can use it to prevent sex trafficking, smoking, HIV/AIDS and other problems."

– Xiailiang Li, M.D., Kunming Medical College, Kunming, China

"The main feature of this program is that it gives kids a foundation to deal with each other in a more humane way. The curriculum and vocabulary are on their level, and they provide kids with the tools to communicate and deal with what they do on a daily basis."

– Jo Thomas, junior-high educator for 30 years

"This is the best program I've seen in thirty years of working with youth. I cannot say enough good things about BrainWise. It gives you tools to help kids solve their own problems."

– Larry Pambianco, Sheridan Youth Ministries

"There is nothing out there like this program."

– Virginia Castro, former Director of Social Workers, Denver Public Schools





"BrainWise helps her stop and think. Also, she enjoys sharing what she learns with her sister. There are times when her little sister is misbehaving and she'll tell her to calm down and count to ten."

– Mother of a 6-year-old girl

"Because of BrainWise, she now sees the difference between thinking before she acts and just reacting to her emotions. When she's angry, she'll say she's going to the 10th floor (on the emotional elevator), take a breath, and go and take a break, instead of saying something that will get her in trouble."

– Mother of a 6-year-old girl and parent volunteer

"He's more in tune with his feelings and more able to control his emotions than before he took this class. He's able to bring his emotional elevator down by himself and go take quiet time. The program has done wonderful things for him."

– Parent of a 6-year-old boy

"Before BrainWise I couldn't do anything with Brianna. Nobody could. She was hard inside. Now she's changed. She's happy and doing well in school."

– Parent of a 13-year-old girl.



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"Before I took this class, I was in a gang. I shaved my head and I hung out all night. I was arrested with my cousin. Now that I've had BrainWise, I'm in school and will graduate. I grew my hair back and have a job."

– High School Male, 19, Expelled from school

"This course makes you feel better about yourself because you do things without getting in trouble and learn how to say things to get what you want. I'm happier since I started taking this class. I think everyone needs to take this class."

– High School Female, 18

"This BrainWise is a great class. I can honestly say that this class helped me with my problems at home, school, and with my relationship with my boyfriend. I think this class should be required to take. It's a great class."

– High School Female, 16

"BrainWise has changed my life. I've been in a gang, done drugs, sold drugs and my friends have shot and killed. They didn't know 'Identify Your Choices', 'Consequences Now and Later', or the 'Emotions Elevator'. You need to use this every day. This course will save lives. It should be mandatory for everyone."

– Ex Gang Member Male, 17, Expelled from school

"I use to blame everybody for everything. Now I know it was me. BrainWise taught me how to make better choices. It showed me the difference between facts and opinions and has saved me a lot of problems."

– Middle School Female, 13

"I started drinking when I was 12. In middle school, I was suspended a lot. I missed school and was failing my classes. I just didn't care about anything. With BrainWise, it's like I opened a different door and everything before was just a dream."

– High School Female, 15

Critical Thinking Programs for Children


Critical Thinking Programs for Children

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